Installation Guide


Before you install BETA you have to do two things:

  1. Download and install the Java runtime: visit the Oracle website, download and install the JavaSE (direct link here). After the installation, make sure you have the path to the java directory set on your Path environment variable (Hint: try to run the javac command on your terminal and see if it is a valid command, if so, the installation was successful);

  2. Download and Install ProB: visit the ProB website, go to the Downloads and download and install ProB version 1.5.0 (prior versions page). You can find the installation instructions here. After you install ProB try to run and play with it to see if its working properly.

Installing BETA

If you meet the requirements in the previous section you are eligible to install the BETA tool:

  1. Go to our Download page and download the latest version of the BETA tool;

  2. Extract the zip file in a directory of your choice;

  3. The directory should have a license.txt file and three directories: bin, examples and lib.

Running BETA

After the installation, to run the BETA tool you have to:

  1. Go to the directory where you have extracted the tool, open the bin folder, and double-click the br.ufrn.forall.betagui file (or br.ufrn.forall.betagui.bat if you are using Windows) OR navigate through the terminal to the bin directory and run the following command: ./br.ufrn.forall.betagui

  2. Before starting to use BETA you have to go to the Options menu, select Settings and inform the ProB installation path in the Settings window, or in other words, the path to the directory where you installed ProB (e.g: /Users/username/Downloads/ProB/). After you fill this information click on Save Settings and you are good to go.

  3. Read our User Guide page to learn how to use the BETA tool.